Versatility by design

Hundreds of cars. Hundreds of destinations. Hundreds of connections. Your key to optimum freight movement with the most efficient use of labor is the versatile 3000LP Hydra-Switch machine.


Hydraulically operated and automatic, the 3000LP

accommodates all applications requiring manual or

electrical yard switch machines.


The rugged 3000LP Hydra-Switch is trailable, with self-adjusting throw length. Its self-diagnostics simplify

troubleshooting to minimize routine scheduled

maintenance and reduce your cost of ownership.


Self-contained integral parts reduce the potential for

operator injury as well as protect internal parts from weather. Operating on its optional solar-powered system, this switch machine installs quickly with no need to provide or bury 120 VAC power.


With far-ranging options for remote radio control and automation (see reverse), the 3000LP Hydra-Switch is a Switch for the better - and a switch for the smarter.


From touch-button ease to

turnkey network operation



The 3000LP Hydra-Switch can make any yard more productive with its versatility and ease of operation.


At its most basic, the 3000LP performs with hydraulic pump/cylinder actuated switch mechanism, operator controlled with push-button ease.


Optional configurations for local and remote radio control increase automation for additional productivity and worker safety. Distributed and/or

centralized yard switch operation through RF control improves throughput.


A VHF/UHF hand-held radio interface uses standard DTMF encoder/decoder tones. Voice chips are provided for up to three different messages which are

field programmable.


Upgrading to 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio control allows yard to be set up as a complete control network. Distributed yard panel operation with intuitive user interface can be provided with custom designed zone panels. Switching can be done at any of these distributed panels. Or operation can be integrated into completely centralized control, with a single dispatching operator accessing every yard switch.


The expandable versatility of the 3000LP Hydra-Switch yard system

enables you to upgrade to full radio control at your own pace, adding

automation to facilitate additional yard movement or to meet your own projections for increased yard profitability.




Maximum Hydraulic


 74.8 bar



12 VDC battery power


Reservoir Capacity

 120 VAC 1.8 liters

 Solar power source


Hydraulic Fluid

Exxon J-13 or equivalent



100 amp hour, absorbed glass mat



Operating Temperature

Minimum: -40°C Length:1270 mm

Maximum: +70°C Width: 559 mm


Force at Closure




kg 372 kg


Throw Length


120 to 165 mm


Throw Time

2.0 seconds average




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