Culvert Cleaner System

JAN 22, 2016

QMP is the sole Canadian distributor for Ballast Tools Equipment railroad maintenance systems and attachments.

We now distribute BTE’s newest line of culvert cleaning technology, the Culvert Cleaner System.

It is the most innovative and productive way to clean clogged culverts, eliminating washed out track probability and train delays due to water damage from plugged drainage culverts.

This advanced system includes the BTE-312 Hi-Rail Excavator, the Culvert Cleaner Attachment and Recognition System, the BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe, and the BTE Cart with 100 ft. of auger.

The Culvert Cleaner System is compact, requiring a small gang of two machines and one supply cart, only two operators, and one person on the ground. The system’s multiple camera view technology allows the operator to clearly and safely monitor progress inside the culvert. The Culvert Cleaner can tackle up to 140-foot-long round or boxed culverts from 12 inches to 8+ feet in diameter.

Whether you need hi-rail, track or rubber-tired equipment, BTE and QMP have your culverts covered.



New Twister Portable

Self-Contained Air Compressor

JAN 20, 2016

QMP now distributes the Twister T235, a diesel rotary screw air compressor unit.

It is designed to efficiently clear ice, snow, and other debris off switches and crossings.

The T235 is compact, portable, and powerful.

It only weighs 865 pounds, can be mobile or truck-mounted, and outputs up to 235 cfm and up to 185 psi.


This powerful compressor unit can be used for a handful of industry applications, including railway maintenance, pipeline maintenance, drilling and service rigs, construction, mining and logging, and highway painting.



BTE’s Line of Snow-Fighting Attachments

JAN 15 2016

The weather outside is frightful!

Weather, like most things in life, can be unpredictable.

This winter season prepare yourself with BTE’s impressive line of snow-fighting attachments.

Consider the snow wing, snow pusher, two-stage snow blower, and the cold air blower for your BTE-450 and BTE-420 backhoes. These attachments are perfect for simple and big snow removal jobs on the tracks.

The snow broom is BTE’s attachment specialized for the BTE 312 excavator, designed to broom, scrape, and quickly remove fallen snow from tracks, switches, and right-of-ways.

Interested in purchasing or leasing equipment? Call QMP at 636-937-4390 or visit our products page.






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